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When it is time to change and further my growth, I'm ready to leap into the unknown without hesitation

My freedom is my greatest asset, and I would rather swim against the stream than suffocate because of the dictates of others. 


My biggest trump card is my willingness to start something new whenever the circumstances require it.

I have a  knack for reinventing myself time and time again. 

I am anything but ordinary, and this is what I like best about myself.


The radical way in which I incite breakthroughs in honesty and authenticity is due to my ideals about truth.

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To define your goals you have to define yourself.

I take to heart the well-being of the people around me. 


Relationships characterized by an equitable give-and-take and business practices in which everyone benefits equally and no one is shortchanged are the most gratifying to me.


Because I desire a genuine meeting of minds, and show interest in my associate's well-being, it is not unusual for my business and private affairs to mesh. My keen tact also helps to forestall complications.


I also have a good eye about what is feasible when it comes to actualizing universal hopes and dreams. 

I am not interested in satisfying my personal ambitions. Instead, my concerns are directed at finding solutions that benefit others.

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I must always listen to my gut feeling. This way I enjoy a great sense of wellbeing - no matter how unusual or outlandish it may seem to others.