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Get your music out of your head

This is the first of five steps allowing you to use your sonic memories as a musical instrument to crystallise your imagination, to create and share your sound and open the door to music.

Find out 5 recordings that had been truly meaningful for you. 

Go backwards throughout all your life.
Explore your memories.

Try to recall them just in your mind. 
Start with no players, headphones or speakers.
You may reiterate few rounds, meditate, reflect, get closer. 
Take notes.
When you feel ready, click on PLAY 5 to write down the 5 titles and answer 5 simple questions for each title.

 a journey into you. And see you on planet 5.

PLAY 5 , METHOD 5, SONIC BUBBLE and related applications and generically called FIVE, 5 or (V) are sound generative models conceived by Marco Palmieri Legacy © 2023

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