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BIO DOP «Vincentius Ametta» 2020 BIB

BIO DOP «Vincentius Ametta» 2020 BIB

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Package: Bag In Box 5 Liters

Edition: «Vincentius Ametta» - 2020
Area: Torremaggiore (Foggia) – Italy
Quality: Extra virgin cold pressed (27 °C max.)

Acidity: 0.26%

Peroxides: 7.67 meq O2/Kg

Polyphenols: 269.61 mg/Kg

Certification: DOP – P.D.O Protected Designation of Origin “Dauno” Alto Tavoliere


Variety: 100% Peranzana, green
Harvest: picked by hand, 1th and 2nd November 2019
Extraction: max. 12 hours after harvest
Method: traditional, with stone mill and extraction with pressure
Filtration: none, instead decanting
Quantity: 900 liters

Storage at the mill: controlled temperature 13 – 18 °C max - Sealed with Argon



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