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In 1998 Marco Palmieri introduced

MEMO ZUMO Remixing device at 1st International Musical Instruments Fair in Lingotto, Torino (Italy)

future, recording and 

musical instrument

Ideas and episodes by Marco Palmieri


The inspirational book " Electric Sound" by J. Chadabe


The fifth milestone of the musical instruments evolution ...

fifth milestone inc_preview01.png

2016. The Fifth Milestone platform is online


2019. From Fifth Milestone to FIVE logo : the brand FIVE (V) is born.

FIVE is 5 Matrix product/service project: Application, Book, Board & Video Game, Film, Education

2020. "Records Matrix Unity" video by MPM Legacy 

2020. FIVE Artist Matrix examples

2020. "Fever Matrix". MPM Legacy FIVE Edutaiment clip.

Samstagern, Feb 2020

Marco Palmieri




Next Generation Electronic Musical Instrument.

A life time journey.



“(...) The fifth milestone will mark the resolution of still-unresolved design issues

and the crystallisation of still-forming concepts into the many potential forms

of the electronic musical instrument.

The electronic musical instrument, after all, can take any form.

It can play any music. And it can be played in any way.

In one form or another, it just may meet everyone's musical needs.”

"ELECTRIC SOUND" Joel Chadabe, Prentice Hall, 1997



(V) FIVE is an indipendent project run by Marco Palmieri Music Legacy.

Aim: creating and selling electronic musical instruments that unify recreational and playful activities with educational and cultural ones.

Target: all sound and musical language operators. Furthermore, any individual who let the musical activity be a way for self exploration and awareness.



Marco Palmieri: "I am interested in electronic musical instrument issues since more than 20 years. Beside my school degree in programming electronic instruments and processing audio signal, the whole thing had been always more a 'life quest' or a life purpose than a structured plan. Somehow the story unfolded in the last 10 years as movement including other fellows musicians, composers, sound designers, recording artist, performers, audio engineers, IT wizards, crazy researchers, cognitive psychologists, doctors, pedagogy expert and so on ... indipendent, with pleasure"


We had been challenging many design issues mainly related to usability and versatility of the hardware and software interface (cfr. " can play any music. And it can be played in any way...").

The software integrates some of the already existing consumer and professional audio/music systems in one basic but highly customisable interface, following some principle we developed in order to let all the pieces working together.

The system allows any input (typing, voice control, audio, touch, holographic..) using already any existing instrument (from smart phones, to acoustic or electric instruments until complete audio workstations...) and it is outsourcing the processing of the information to a cloud based information management system.


For the nature of the project most of the information are until now protected in order to prevent any undesired misuse.

Nevertheless in our horizon we see also the Open Source as a way to proceed in our ongoing project development.

We are curious, grateful and looking forward to start any new collaboration and to welcome support and advices.

Thank you.

Many thanks to everyone supporting common sense and autonomy in freedom, pleasure and co-creation.



Realisation / Sketch budget evaluation


- Project

Development of fifth generation sound design tools and electronic musical instrument.

Design and construction of prototypes of hardware and software.


- Ground

“The Fifth Milestone” theory from Joel Chabade [...]


- Target

Musicians, sound designer, audio engineer, gamers, hobby, world


- Method

Integration of existing sound design pro-audio technologies, social network, metada elaboration(from any musical intrument to hardware software solutions).


- Time

3 years


- Logistik

Europe :: HQ Switzerland (Zurich, Basel), Italy (Turin), Germany (Berlin), France (Lille)

- Team

5 people

1 project leader 70% 7'000.- Chf / month

1 assistant 30 % 3'000.- Chf / month

2 programmers 50% 10'000.- Chf / month

1 lawyer 10% 1'000.- Chf / month


21000.- Chf / Month


Extra (rent/trip/gears) 2000.- Chf / month

Tot 23000.- Chf / Month


Average 300.000.- Chf / Year

Side reserve 100.000.- Chf


- Investment

1.000.000 Chf


- Expected Income

Worst case

1.000.000 Chf (1.000.000 targeted customers -> 1.- Chf / access (V) Services & Products)

Case 01

​​1 Billion Chf (20% worldwide population -> 1.- Chf / access (V) Services & Products)


- Vision / C&O

Marco Palmieri

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